17-Year-Old Adopted Russian Boy Kills Parents… Utopia is Broken

Would you believe that in our utopian society, that is so opposed to institutions for the mentally ill, there is no help? That trauma has physically changed the brain chemistry of some children and they feel no remorse. That saying no to piece of candy could send a young child into a murderous rage?
Our system is broken. Held by an ideal that is all the masses can comprehend. I understand, I really do. I too had to be knocked off my high horse to see from the bottom

Orphan Sunday…They All Need You. 

Defend the cause of the fatherless.”
Isaiah 1:17
The orphans need you. The families that adopt need you. The brokenness needs you.
This Sunday, November 13th is Orphan Sunday. A day set aside to be the voice of the voiceless. A day set aside to share joys and sorrows. A day to pray. A day to weep. A day to speak up. As you read, my prayer is that your heart will be softened and you will seek the Lord on how He would like to use you.

Extra 21? The Right to Life is Still Yours

Yesterday morning at approximately 7:45 A.M. a precious baby boy was murdered by his mother. It was legal. I won’t apologize for saying it this way. He was murdered because he carried an extra chromosome. He was 24 weeks old. He had no voice but those who begged her to let him live. He had…