17-Year-Old Adopted Russian Boy Kills Parents… Utopia is Broken

​WABB writes…

Teenager arrested in deaths of adoptive parents

Carl Edward Brewer, 17. Credit: Crowley Police

CROWLEY – CROWLEY — Police in Crowley say they believe a teenager killed his adoptive parents in their home before barricading himself in a room and forcing a SWAT standoff for almost 12 hours.

Crowley officers found the bodies of Troy Brewer, 60, and Mary Brewer, 63, inside their home in the 800 block of Buffalo Court Tuesday evening.
Footsteps were heard upstairs, and the SWAT team was called in. Police say the couple’s son, Carl Brewer, 17, had barricaded himself inside the home, and refused to speak with police. The standoff between Brewer and officers lasted until about 7 a.m. Wednesday.
Troy’s body was in the master bedroom, police said. Mary’s body was found in the living room area inside a trash receptacle.

Since 2010, Crowley police had been called to the home 16 times, CPD said. They said Carl had been arrested earlier this year after leading police on a chase. 

Police say the couple had adopted Carl and his two brothers from Russia. Carl was the youngest.

“This just wasn’t the right place for them.”

 Several said that they weren’t surprised by the news because there had been trouble at the home before.
“Seen the police over here several times. You kind of figure anything can happen over there.” said Griffin. “They were over there quite a bit”

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This young man was adopted from Russia. Would you believe me if I told you this happened more than most will admit? What if I told you that I know hundreds of adoptive parents who fear for their life because they have been threatened with death multiple times? How about if I told you that when children are perpetrators in rape, molestation, attempted murder, and even more horrific things than could be mentioned, their victims are made to live with them and care for them? How about if I told you that I knew hundreds of people who were told if they didn’t keep such perpetrators in their home they would be charged with abandonment and are threatened with the removal of their other children, who are victims of such attrocity? 

Would you believe that in our utopian society, that is so opposed to institutions for the mentally ill, there is no help? That trauma has physically changed the brain chemistry of some children and they feel no remorse. That saying no to piece of candy could send a young child into a murderous rage? 

We as a people must recognize that when we make decisions about matters that we are completely ignorant about we destroy lives. I  was so ignorant. I don’t fault ignorance, I miss it terribly. But we must recognize and acknowledge when we have no idea.  Lives depend on it. 

Now some may say ending adoption is the answer.

I wholeheartedly disagree.

  My family has a unique prospective.  We have seen both the absolute beauty and absolute horror from adoption.  We have sung  joyful praises watching redemption bloom and cried desperate tears as we realized there was no help for a child with severe mental illness. 

You see, adoption isn’t the problem. It is usually a beautiful story of redeption. RAD like this isn’t the norm, although Russian and Eastern European orphans face atrocities that make it much more prevalent.  

Our system is broken. Held by an ideal that is all the masses can comprehend. I understand, I really do. I too had to be knocked off my high horse to see from the bottom. 

Lord heal their pain. He is the Author and Perfecter of our faith. He is sovereign and His plan is perfect. I will rest in that.  This is my mission. Open eyes and hearts to the deep dark alleys we pray we never face.

 Today, instead of praying for safety, I challenge you to pray that your heart never idolizes safety. That you aren’t afraid to look into the deep dark alleys of pain where so many families are bound. Until we all see we can’t step in and change the system. 

The masses bind the alleys in Utopian ideology. 

In His Mercy,


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