Comfort Wins… We Can’t be Bothered With the Vulnerable Orphan 

​Reading of yet another Ukrainian horror story my heart is on fire with anger, sadness, and that horrific feeling of helplessness. 

BBC writes

Police in eastern Ukraine have arrested a teacher accused of trying to sell a 13-year-old girl for $10,000 (£8,035).

The girl was living at a boarding school in the Kharkiv region for orphans and children from broken homes.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov reported the case on Facebook, with photos of the 52-year-old teacher and girl. He said police had been monitoring them for four months.

Mr Avakov said the buyer hinted that the girl’s organs would be removed.

The buyer inquired about the girl’s health and paid the teacher 1,000 hryvnia (£31; $39) for photos of the girl and her medical records, Mr Avakov said.

The teacher (right) seen here being questioned with US dollars spread out on the table. 

Read the entire story here

Reality. Yet comfort reigns. 

Lord help us. 

This angers me so very much. Sadly,  I’m surprised they even care. 

The horror stories from Crimea (where my kiddos are from) make me want to throat punch someone… There may be a good sharp knife, salt, and a machine gun in the reoccuring day dream about Crimean orphanages as well. 

Between experimental surgeries, missing body parts, artificial tumors implanted for experiments, small boys talking about how toilets aren’t for heads, horrific abuse, and extreme starvation; I have strong feelings of anger toward that place. 

They destroy so many lives. 

Despite what people think love doesn’t magically heal many children who have endured such horror. Trauma runs very deep. 
 I’m glad they are convicting her at least. Well, maybe. That pretty little line “if she’s found guilty” says much. 

Always In His Mercy,


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