The Children’s Voice


Many friends who are very concerned about the possibility of a president who mocks the disabled. I don’t blame them. I am not a Trump fan nor did he get my vote. But there is something I want all to know. Trump *may* have mocked a disabled man ( I am not convinced). But Hillary has voted for measures that will take away the voice of and euthanize our disabled.

Ignorant buffoon? Maybe.
Killer? Not that I have seen evidence of.

The original ACA said that the “ethics” teams in hospitals can make the choice to not treat based on projected outcome without parental say. My son, sweet, precious, loved, Augustus, would have been killed had that been enacted at the time. We fought the so called ethics teams for his life. We would have had no voice and they would have killed him. They would have “pulled the plug” as it is called. I have watched babies die because families believed the garbage fed them about “quality of life”. They starve and dehydrate them to death. It is long, painful, and horrific. It often takes weeks. It is slow, legal, murder. All in the name of “quality of life”. My son is what many call ‘severely disabled’. He is also joyful, happy, and loved.
Hillary Clinton is dangerous. Trump didn’t have my vote either but he is just ignorant.
I will take the mocking of my child any day over the euthanizing.

In His Mercy,


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