Not One Hair

Our plan on this fine Sunday was a tad  different than it actually turned out. I had never been in a helicopter before and got a nice view of the farms, I suppose.  I have gotten good at trying to see the positive side of things.  That was my feeble attempt at such.    Poor Gussy boy had himself one heck of a breakthrough seizure that lasted close to an hour and a half.  We had 2 1/2 great seizure free months but our great run ended today with a bang. Status ellipticus, you are not my friend. There was one other positive, though.  We were reminded of how wonderful our North Franklin Emergency Response crew is. We are very grateful to them for the great care they take with Gussy. 

So though today turned out different than expected we are grateful for the Lord’s Hand that is always present. Life is fragile, that is a true story, but not one hair falls from our head without His okay. 

I sought the Lord , and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

~Psalms 34:4~

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