Extra 21? The Right to Life is Still Yours


Yesterday morning at approximately 7:45 A.M. a precious baby boy was murdered by his mother. It was legal. I won’t apologize for saying it this way. He was murdered because he carried an extra chromosome. He was 24 weeks old. He had no voice but those who begged her to let him live. He had hundreds of people willing to adopt him and love him. They begged for his life and offered his mom as much support as she could want or need.

She said no. He is gone.

Doctors call this a “medical reason”. Genes. Can you think of the things that are affected by our genes that would cause outrage? Color of skin? Gender? But because this precious baby boy had an extra copy of one chromosome he was killed.
Lord help us. I weep for the precious life lost.

In His Mercy,


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