The Love of Friends

Thank God for friends who ‘get it’. Number  5 has been raging and peeing all over himself and everything else he can reach since Friday, I’ve been cleaning and sanitizing my house like a mad woman trying to keep it to only one puker (so far so good!) And mama finally ‘had it’ today.
This is me…In my closet… eating chocolate and popcorn from a friend who *knows*.
I vent because it keeps me [semi] sane. I’m transparent because there is a deep need for it. But to be 100% honest, I see God’s mercy and goodness so clearly during these times. I always have amazing chocolate, yummy coffee, and plenty of diapers and wipes from one amazing friend. And now I have an extra box of goodness to drown myself in because of another amazing friend. Today, I eat chocolate and we’re having a pre-made lasagna that the maker of this sweet box made for my freezer. Part suck, part amazing. Still moving along… now to shower for the first time in DAYS… I may never again be skinny but I just might make it out alive.

In His Mercy,


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