Always Good

14717070_10207987627271706_7969506346081356363_n God is good. Always. 

I am tired. Almost always. 

Life sure  is an emotional ride.

My poor baby. He’s so beat up. These seizures have been just horrible lately. For some reason they seem to suddenly be causing him to not breath or have basic functions like coughing and gagging. He woke us up not breathing and starting to turn blue. We tried emergency meds but they didn’t work. By a miracle, the farrier couldn‘t sleep the night before so he rescheduled his first appointment.

He was home when he shouldn’t have been.

    We jumped in the van and met the ambulance half way. Two more adult sized doses of emergency meds. and it stopped, but he was so drugged the effects are still strong. They found a slight ear infection. I don’t know if that caused this or why we are suddenly less and less controlled but here we are.
Say a prayer for my sweet little Gussy boy if you can. The last two seizures came with him not breathing. They nearly intubated him but I requested they wait. I’m a tad emotional with the events that surrounded that morning, including a faulty oxygen tank which left me helpless to help him for a good 10 minutes, so maybe pray for wisdom in decisions and clear mind, too. I’m thankful the farrier was with me but it means an extra day of missed work and and a lot of stress trying to reschedule clients. All around just a stinky emotional day.

In His Mercy,


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